I’ve been creating pretty low-quality apps and stuff for a while now, mostly for my own use or for my kids.

So now I’m planning on publishing these on Google Play (so the kids can re-download them more easily) and I thought it would be useful to publish the source for each too – reading other people’s code helped me learn in the first place.

So, a few things to take into account:

  1. Stuff here is all my own work, so you should have no copyright/licence issues
  2. You are granted a non-exclusive right to re-work any content you find here into your own apps
  3. I make no warranty about how “well” it works – efficiency, reliability etc – so you use any of this stuff at your own risk. Some of the content will NOT work (I’ll tell you if that’s the case), but might be a useful snippet or some form of inspiration
  4. I might come back and update these terms from time to time