This one is a simple “Noughts and Crosses” (Tic-tac-toe) game.

It works as it is, but it’s got my family’s names hard coded (you’d want to change those unless by some freakish coincidence your family has the same names!)

Download the AIA file here (47 Kb, AIA)

Download the compiled app here (1.4 Mb, APK)

The options in the app:

  • Choose player 1
  • Choose player 2
  • Start
  • Reset
  • Show all time scores per player

Things the app would benefit from:

  • Customise it with the names of your friends/family
  • Shorter display time for “Player Won!” toast message
  • Nicer display of scores, it’s ugly!
  • Better presentation of the buttons in the grid (and maybe an actual grid!)
  • Motion detection to know when the player has changed? (i.e. when the device is handed to the other player)
  • Online multi-player would be cool

What is Noughts and Crosses?

Noughts and Crosses (also know as Tic Tac Toe), in case anyone doesn’t know, is a game often played with pencil and paper. A 3×3 grid of squares is filled in with “0” (for player 1) or “x” (for player 2). Each player’s aim is to get their symbol into three squares in a row, in any direction.

How to use the app:

  1. Install and run the app
  2. Choose Player 1’s name from the list
  3. Choose Player 2’s name from the list
  4. Start selecting squares in the (imaginary) grid in turn until they’re all filled in

The Small Print

  • As with everything I’ve created and uploaded here, feel free to download a copy and use it for non-commercial purposes.
  • You should virus check any downloads before opening or running them. I upload them clean, but you should not rely on that.